Stock Trading Strategy

Our stock trading technical analysis strategies are based on surprisingly simple yet effective no nonsense logic that is uncommon in this industry. For our short term stock trading technical analysis strategy we:

Investing Advice

Buy at support;

-We take quick 10% profits;

and we use the *Smart Money Principle(TM) so that we never slip backwards.

We provide you with the information you need to be successful:

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There are old traders and there are bold traders; however, there is no such thing as an old, bold trader…

What to do if If Something Goes Wrong

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry. What was true for the poet Robert Burns is true for buying stocks as well. Not every stock you buy will succeed. The good news is that the failures are unimportant if you follow a simple rule. That rule is that when your stock fails you must lose less than you earn when your stock succeeds. When something goes wrong you will know it because you will buy your stocks at support. Our reports show you how to risk no more than 2%-3% if support breaks using the Smart Money Principle .

*The Smart Money Principle(TM) is a trademark of Securities Research Services





Where to Enter

Does it seem like the stock always goes down once you buy? It is almost as if they see you coming. With so many traders now familiar with basic stock trading technical analysis, perhaps they do. It is important to know that when you enter, you enter at support. We go beyond average stock technical analysis strategies to ensure you meet this requirement. This will keep the price from moving against you.

Where to Exit

Did you know that for every stock that keeps moving higher after finding support that there are at least five that make a small move and then stop? Again, this is due to professionals who have learned to fade those using average stock technical analysis techniques. Did you also know that it is relatively easy to predict the first small move, but that it is increasingly difficult to predict trend development?

We have found that money in the hand is worth much more than potential money left on the table. Thus, we show you where to take profit quickly, usually around 10%, so that you can move on to buy your next stock.